The Musical Brain

With appearances by Sting, Feist, Michael Buble, Wyclef Jean and Dr. Daniel Levitin.

Gemini Award-Winning film

Whether you load your iPod with Mozart or Sting, savour opera or groove to jazz, music plays a profound role in your life. No matter how old you are, or where you live on the planet –your brain is having a love affair with music. And yet until now, no one understood why music has such a powerful impact on us. Thanks to revolutionary neuroscience, the answers to the mystery of music are at last becoming clear.

In a stunning new documentary, MY MUSIC BRAIN, Sting puts himself – and his brain under the microscope of neuroscience and discovers how and why he makes music. While on tour, Sting visited McGill University’s Daniel Levitin, best-selling author of This is Your Brain on Music and had his brain scanned as music experiments were conducted. The results of those scans will literally show the creative process as it unfolds in the brain of one of the world’s best musicians – and his response to seeing his own brain at work.

Sting’s fMRI scans and his in-depth interview about his relationship with music is just part of the story when it comes to understanding how music impacts our brains, our hearts and our lives. And it is that story which MY MUSIC BRAIN will explore – with Sting’s experience as a musician leading the way.

Fascinating and fun, MY MUSIC BRAIN will take the viewer to unexpected places – a rare juncture of science, music and mystery – and to a deeper understanding of how the everyday pleasures of music define us more than we realize.


2009 Feature-length documentary - 46 mins & 52 mins

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director/Writer: Christina Pochmursky


Tracy Beckett

PBS International