The Woman Who Joined The Taliban

The Mystery of San Nicandro

Fixing My Brain

The Musical Brain

Made in Canada: The Italian Way

Exotic Lives

In Pre-Production

Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star

A feature-length documentary about Leslie Caron and the Golden Age of Hollywood

Leslie Caron, the beloved star of classic American cinema, is one of the last witnesses to a golden age of the 20th century. A great talent in the worlds of film, dance and theatre who continues to perform. Her recently-published memoirs Thank Heaven reveal the glamour, triumphs, and disappointments of a spectacular career and turbulent personal life.

Our film will begin in the present and will unfold as a journey that takes us back to a glorious time in Hollywood – a story seen through the prism of a living legend who reveals stories of a life lived large and with passion. It will give us a rare and privileged glimpse into the world of the beloved icons of film, dance and theatre of the 20th century - a world of contradictions, ambitions, dreams, nostalgia, and intense emotion - through one of its most luminous personalities.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn (Canada)

Producer: Anne Schuchman (France)

Director: Larry Weinstein (Canada)

Into the Inferno

A feature-length documentary by world-renowned director, Werner Herzog

Volcanoes have challenged our very existence on this planet; they've come close to destroying us and they will again. Werner Herzog wants to find out why, where and how our lives are inextricably linked with the most destructive force on earth.

Using global footage and filming both from the sky and on land, Werner Herzog, with the help of Dr. Clive Oppenheimer, one of the world's leading volcanologists, will explore the complex, interconnected history of mankind's existence alongside volcanoes, both past and present.

Director: Werner Herzog

Volcanologist: Clive Oppenheimer

Producer: André Singer (UK)

Executive Producer: Lucki Stipetić (Germany)

Executive Producer: Vanessa Dylyn (Canada)

The Divided Brain

A two-part series based on the work of Dr. Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

The Divided Brain introduces viewers to this highly original and subversive way of looking at how our minds function, based on the ideas of Dr. Iain McGilchrist, an eminent neuroscientist and clinical psychiatrist. The significance of our divided brains was explored in his universally acclaimed book, The Master and the Emissary, which is based on twenty years of neurological studies and clinical practice. He has found evidence that for two thousand years, the left hemisphere has been gaining ascendency over the right - changing the way we think about ourselves, and the world. The Divided Brain is a story of conflict, deception and the mysteries of the human mind.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director: Manfred Becker

Consultant: Dr. Iain McGilchristt

Undercover Jihadi

Canada's 9/11

Undercover Jihadi is the remarkable true story of Mubin Shaikh and his journey from extremist militant to one of the only people in the world to have gone undercover in a homegrown terror cell.

Mubin Shaikh will give viewers an insider look into the minds of terrorists — not only as a witness to the Toronto 18’s plot to destroy Canada’s government but as a man who once, himself, believed in the terrorists’ ideals and tactics.

Shaikh will take us into the heart of efforts across the globe to deal with homegrown radicalization, from U.S. Homeland Security, to Germany’s Hayat Program, the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College in London, and the influential de- radicalization program in Aarhus, Denmark.

Undercover Jihadi will be a real-life thriller — blending danger and drama, religious passion and betrayal.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director/Writer: Barry Stevens

In Development

Did Marco Polo Reach America?

A modern detective story, with ancient clues

In 2014, historian Benjamin Olshin released his book The Mysteries of the Marco Polo Maps, which some experts believe could change history, as we know it. The book is the culmination of 20 years of study of a remarkable collection of maps and letters, which appear to have been compiled by the daughters of Marco Polo.

The maps show a landmass which looks remarkably similar to the Bering Strait and Alaska, suggesting Polo may have reached America centuries before Christopher Columbus. Did Marco Polo Reach America? will reveal the mysteries behind these maps and present strong evidense that could re-write history.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Writer: Stephen Milton

Consultant: Dr. Benjamin Olshin, Ph.D.

The Science of Sainthood

How the Vatican uses medical science to determine who will become a Saint

The Science of Sainthood presents astounding stories of the science behind the saint-making process in current campaigns for Sainthood - campaigns that include candidates such as first aboriginal saint Kateri Tekakwitha and Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

The series also reveals the medical science behind recent canonizations such as the newly canonized Brother André, Montreal’s miracle man, and Marguerite d’Youville, of Quebec.

Inspired by Dr. Jacalyn Duffin’s recent book, Medical Miracles: Doctors, Saints and Healing in the Modern World, we bring to life intimate accounts of spontaneous healings, and how skeptical clergy and medical professionals have worked together to separate the miraculous recoveries from the merely fortunate.

With unusual access to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints and its top medical investigators, this series opens a window into a fascinating process that has remained largely secretive for hundreds of years...until now.

Developed with VisionTV Canada

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Writer/Director: Harvey Crossland


A mini-series based on the book Charles Dickens and the House of Fallen Women

At the height of his fame, Charles Dickens masterminded a radical social experiment lasting twelve years – one of the greatest preoccupations of his life and yet virtually unknown until now. Based on the recent book, Charles Dickens and the House of Fallen Women, our film will reveal a vital but unknown chapter in the life of one of the world’s most beloved authors. This feature will delve deeply into the dramatic and moving relationship between women who wanted to escape their miserable lives and Dickens, the famous author who knew their secrets.

In development with Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films

Producers: Janis Lundman and Adrienne Mitchell

Consultants: Vanessa Dylyn and Anna Stratton

Who Killed Arafat?

A forensic science mystery and tale of political intrigue

Yasser Arafat, a polarizing figure and the former chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, was pronounced dead in November 2004. The French military hospital announced the cause as a "massive haemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident." Senior Palestinian officials withheld Arafat’s medical records and buried him without an autopsy. Many theories about Arafat's death have arisen, spurred by the secrecy surrounding it and the many assassination attempts he had survived. But eight years later, traces of the deadly poison Polonium 210 was discovered on Arafat’s belongings, leading to a full-blown murder investigation.

Who Killed Arafat? is an exploration into the emerging evidence surrounding what may become one of the most infamous poisonings of all time.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director: Nadine Pequeneza

Bloody Masterpieces

The untold stories of how wars, conspiracies and rivalries shaped masterpieces

We all know the paintings in question. They have been interpreted and reinterpreted numerous times on everything from posters and tapestries to cartoons and tattoos. Andy Warhol silk screens, episodes of The Simpsons and novels such as The Da Vinci Code.

Author and world-renowned art historian Ross King reveals two perfect examples of turbulent times giving birth to works of greatness: the ceiling of the Vatican's Cappella Sistina and a wall within the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, The Last Supper. Though these masterpieces are predominantly the works of two great men - Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci - those involved in shaping the works in a wider sense include fascinating casts of heroes and villains, statesmen and warriors... sinners and saints.

But the stories behind these famous images are much less well-known, and they reveal that before the paintings became icons of Western art and mainstays of popular culture, they were produced against the odds by disgruntled artists in violent, uncertain times. Bloody Masterpieces (Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling and Leonardo and The Last Supper) reveals the real stories behind the making of two of the world's most exquisite and dissected masterpieces including new revelations about their creation, from the world's most renowned experts and even the artists themselves.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Mind Wars

Will Our Thoughts Belong to Us?

An HD science documentary special, about the military’s aggressive funding of neuroscience. Our film reveals the fascinating and even chilling new discoveries that may invade our minds, and the dramatic implications this will have on us all.

Science's last frontier is the human brain. Today, stakeholders with diverse, motives are scrambling to access that frontier and the sanctum of our own inner thoughts. Key among them are: the military – for use as an ultimate new weapon; corporations – to generate untold wealth and influence; and scientists – to better understand humankind. Where is cutting-edge neuroscience taking us?

Key Consultant: Dr. Jonathan Moreno —author of Mind Wars on the abuse of neuroscience by the military. Jonathan D. Moreno is a Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the U. of Pennsylvannia. He is a member of the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director: Manfred Becker